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Strategic Planning – Creating a Technology Roadmap

Every company wants to make the best use of technology, but no one has an unlimited budget. Many managers and engineers can see the benefits of deploying new systems, but few can afford the time away from day-to-day operations to create a comprehensive plan. And how would a plan realize benefits in the early phases and not just at the end?

P&D experts lead and collaborate with your personnel in a process that results in a “Technology Roadmap.” The process is tailored to each situation, but a typical approach includes:

  • Establishing a baseline
    • Discover “hidden” capabilities or deficiencies (e.g. unused software licenses or mismatched communication modules)
    • Investigate potential interfaces between components and across services
    • Gather staff experience and processes
  • Identifying key stakeholder goals and objectives
    • Educate/collaborate with staff on the possibilities new technologies can bring and share best practices/other utilities’ experiences
    • Capture business goals and desired outcomes
    • Discuss financial, manpower, and schedule constraints
  • Recommending immediate actions
    • Work within existing capital or O&M funds
    • What can we change right now to capture immediate benefits?
    • What technologies/vendors need to be investigated for the future or to answer questions?
  • Developing the technology roadmap
    • Specific recommended work to achieve goals and objectives
    • Training & staff development
    • Phased approach to match budget/staff constraints
    • Justification support to Management/Board of Directors

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