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Microgrids are about power system reliability and getting the most out of on-site generation. A microgrid contains all the components of the “macro-grid” – generation, distribution lines, load balancing, protection, and economic dispatch – encapsulated in a smaller area. This concentration of assets and grid management makes it possible to automate most day-to-day operations and control, even in very complex systems.

Careful design and comprehensive testing are crucial to a successful microgrid implementation. P&D assist clients with microgrids used for solar installations, conventional power plants, transmission and distribution utilities, large campuses, and data centers (which are essentially a microgrid in a building). Services include:

  • Design of interconnection and protection for conventional and solar plants
  • Factory witness testing and evaluation of microgrid controllers
  • Commissioning of data center power resiliency schemes
  • Generator interconnection commissioning and vendor oversight
  • Serving as the owner’s engineer offering design recommendations, conducting witness testing, interconnection agreement evaluation

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