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Operations Technology (OT) Cybersecurity

Utilities are embracing new technologies, such as TCP/IP-based communication, as IEDs become more sophisticated and systems are more interconnected than ever. These advances deliver operational benefits by providing the user with more information and control, increasing reliability and efficiency, but are also exposing the control systems to cybersecurity attacks.

Using current industry best practices, P&D takes a holistic, standards-based approach to cybersecurity that addresses people, processes, technology, and data. We have developed a resilient cybersecurity framework that addresses your end-to-end cybersecurity needs. In addition, our team of accredited experts will help you improve your overall cybersecurity posture.

Our Services:

  • Assessment – We evaluate the overall cybersecurity program, to identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Using realistic attack scenarios, we verify the effectiveness of existing security controls. This report highlights strengths and weaknesses, the current security status, and provides a prioritized list of vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies. This is the ideal first step for all organizations who want to identify their current cybersecurity status and determine next steps for creating a more secure environment.
  • Operations Technology (OT) Cybersecurity Program Development – processes, procedures, standards, guidelines, and roadmaps
  • Lifecycle Management – reoccurring assessment of people, processes, and technology. The threat landscape constantly evolves as new threats appear, best practices change, personnel changes, and bad actors develop new attack vectors to evade defenses. The complexities of these attacks make it very difficult to implement a secure system. Our framework provides complete lifecycle management, helping organizations stay secure.
  • Penetration Testing – focusing on OT availability and potential threats

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