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Best Practice Assessments

Over time, all companies (power delivery organizations included) develop processes and tactical mechanisms for getting day-to-day work complete. New systems that must integrate with old systems are deployed; people move in, out, and around; and barriers to improvement grow as each group concentrates on its operational mission. It can be difficult to cultivate “fresh ideas” and easy to do things “the way it has always worked.” The best antidote to this situation is an independent assessment by a trusted advisor with a broad view of industry best practices.

P&D has been delivering power system designs, testing and commissioning countless components and systems, and assisting clients with their most difficult challenges for more than 70 years. Our experts remain fiercely independent and are able to break through internal barriers by offering in-depth knowledge and new perspectives. Our best practice assessments provide significant benefits to power delivery organizations and include:

  • SCADA examination and recommendations
  • Field review of devices, settings, and configurations
  • Communication architecture and matching throughput to needs
  • Cyber security
  • Power system automation opportunities
  • Application integration improvement to realize maximum capabilities
  • Process and operations improvement

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