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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

All types of critical infrastructure require SCADA because of the inherent need for situational awareness and the distributed nature of the “process.” For example, in a data center environment, the SCADA system takes the form of an Electric Power Management System (EPMS). Operations personnel must be able to monitor and control all essential assets and subsystems. SCADA/EPMS provides a firm foundation from which basic and complex applications can grow, and is the proven first step towards greater reliability of your electrical network.

P&D leads the design of SCADA systems to manage remote equipment from one or more control centers. We closely collaborate with your company’s personnel to identify goals and objectives, provide independent recommendations for selecting the right products, and assist with deployment so that your staff can take ownership of the final system. Our specialists have deep domain knowledge of modern and legacy SCADA protocols, IED configuration best practices, security standards, and project management methods to ensure a successful outcome.

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