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Power System Automation

Automation technologies address the fundamental needs of any power delivery organization – attempt to “see into the future” with broad situational awareness and react to problems as soon as possible. The solutions can be complex, having many interacting applications, configurations, and dependencies. Our experts dive deep into the many “moving parts” to understand how the pieces form the integrated system.

P&D develops decision-making processes and operations assistance tools using control center applications, substation computers and IEDs, downline automation controllers, and other “smart” devices in concert with the communication infrastructure. Examples of past work include:

  • Fault detection, isolation, restoration (FDIR), and integrated volt-var control (IVVC) to improve distribution reliability and efficiency
  • Straightforward and complex relaying systems and protection solutions
  • Microgrid control systems to balance on-site resources while providing ancillary services to the regional grid
  • Integration of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) services and data with operational distribution applications
  • Coordination, monitoring, and control of transmission reactive power assets (fixed capacitor/inductor banks with SVC/STATCOM technologies)

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