Electrical Testing & Maintenance

With in-depth expertise in the delivery, use and control of energized facility systems, our engineers and technicians test and troubleshoot components and systems for utilities, mission critical facilities, electrical equipment manufacturers, and electrical design firms. Our collective experience and dedicated focus on the electrical utility market makes us uniquely qualified to understand the design, function and operation of each component and system, specifically those deployed by electrical utilities.

Our electric testing & maintenance testing capabilities including:

  • Substation apparatus testing
  • High- and low- voltage cable testing
  • Instrument transformer and relay testing
  • UPS system testing
  • Functional testing and adjustment of breakers, reclosers, etc.
  • Electrical system troubleshooting
  • Motor and generator testing (electrical)
  • Switchboard instrument testing
  • SCADA device and integration testing
  • Oil testing (Dielectric, PCB, etc.)
  • DC high potential tests
  • Insulation power factor testing
  • Infrared, load and EMI surveys
  • Power system disturbance analysis
  • Harmonic and failure analysis
  • Industrial coordination studies
  • Voltage drop and motor starting studies
  • Lightning protection system design & coordination

We also provide maintenance testing and re-commissioning of electrical and mechanical systems installed in an existing facility, which can be complicated and must be conducted in a manner that minimizes risk to the existing systems. The keys to a successful outcome are thorough planning, effective communication, and meticulous attention to detail during any electric testing & maintenance. Our staff has extensive live environment testing experience. We help clients develop detailed Maintenance Operations Protocols (MOPs) and procedures to safely configure, test, and re-configure their systems. We also provide complete documentation of the test results with recommendations for system improvements when appropriate.

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