Electrical & Mechanical Commissioning

Our clients count on us to be a relentless ally and trusted advisor. We approach commissioning as a systematic process of testing, investigating and documenting that critical facility support components and systems perform as intended both individually and as an integrated building system. We attain a clear understanding of the unique capabilities of the specific equipment deployed in your facility, and evaluate its operating characteristics within your system design. We then help you configure control schemes and develop maintenance procedures that allow you to get the most from your systems in terms of reliability, predictability and maintainability.

Our commissioning services include:

  • Conduct peer review of design documents and specifications
  • Develop and review specifications for critical electrical apparatus
  • Evaluate vendor credentials and proposals
  • Develop factory and field witness testing criteria
  • Develop and conduct electrical apparatus acceptance testing
  • Develop and implement electrical and mechanical commissioning procedures
  • Design and analyze special grounding and lightning protection systems
  • Conduct arc flash, transient, harmonic, short circuit, protective coordination and studies
  • Conduct training and provide electrical and mechanical systems operation documentation
  • Provide final commissioning report

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