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Safety & Health Assessments

P&D offers a wide range of safety and facility assessments to help you make sure things are operating well in the combined key result areas of safety, quality, productivity, and cost.

On-Site Assessments

Our on-site assessment process follows the structure of OSHA regulatory compliance inspections and integrates industry best practices. The steps of on-site inspections are as follows:

  • Review of site safety history and documentation, including previous inspection reports, citation history, injury & illness data, record keeping, and written programs
  • Conduct an opening conference with site leadership
  • Perform wall-to-wall site safety & health inspections, including job observations and employee interviews
  • Conduct a closing meeting with key personnel
  • Generate a comprehensive report listing hazards identified and corrective actions
  • Provide follow-up services as desired by the client

Program Review

In addition to on-site inspections, we offer remote safety & health program reviews to ensure each element of an organization’s safety & health management system is up-to-date with current standards and regulatory requirements. Our safety professionals have experience in OSHA Cooperative Programs, such as VPP, SHARP, and Partnerships. We provide revisions and modifications to your existing program to suit your individual needs.