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P&D’s Michael Thesing Diving Deep into DNP3 Protocol at the Southeast Distribution Apparatus Conference

By August 25, 2016February 27th, 2017Announcements from P&D

Michael Thesing of Patterson & Dewar Engineers, Inc. (P&D) will present several aspects of the popular DNP3 SCADA protocol that are often misunderstood or underutilized.

DNP3 continues to thrive in North America and internationally as the most interoperable SCADA protocol for electric utility operations. There are, however, a number of advanced characteristics of the protocol that extend beyond the simple transfer of common binary, analog, and control data. This talk will present a “deep dive” into DNP3 beyond the basics, including:

  • Secure authentication of DNP3 controls
  • What protocol “layers” really mean and how to interpret them
  • Control relay output block codes
  • Deciphering a device profile document

The DNP3 Deep Dive class will take place Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 1 p.m. at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center as part of the Southeast Distribution Apparatus Conference (Sept. 19th – 22nd). It is designed for those who are familiar with the basics of DNP3 but want to increase their understanding of the most popular and interoperable SCADA protocol in North America.

Visit for more information and to register, or contact Suzanne Powell at or (770) 519-1676 with any questions about the conference.


Michael_ThesingMichael Thesing is an IEEE Senior Member who has worked in SCADA product development and power systems for 20 years, and in process control and military communications for eight years prior to that. He offers design of and consultation on utility SCADA, automation, and communication projects for clients at Patterson & Dewar Engineers, Inc. (P&D).  Michael holds a BSEE from the University of Notre Dame and is widely regarded as a thought leader in the industry. He has authored articles and spoken at a number of industry conferences on topics ranging from SCADA communications to flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) applications. He was the working group chair and principal author of IEEE Std. 1615-2007, “Recommended Practice for Network Communication in Electric Power Substations,” and author of the DNP3 over IP network standard for the DNP Users Group. Other industry contributions include work on IEEE Std. C37.2, IEEE Std. 1613, and IEEE Std. C37.1. Michael is co-inventor on a US patent related to programming meters over a network.