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Hilton Mills to Teach Grounding Testing Techniques & Troubleshooting at CEATI

By October 19, 2016February 27th, 2017Announcements from P&D

On November 15 & 16 of this year, CEATI will host its 8th Annual Grounding and Lightning Conference in Arlington, VA. This open forum is supported by more than 35 participating utilities and facilitates information exchange and networking. The conference brings together leading subject matter experts from around the world, including HP&D’s own Hilton Mills.

Hilton will be presenting Grounding Testing Techniques & Troubleshooting, during which he will discuss the fall of potential (FoP) and computer-based test instrument (CBTI) methods for testing ground grids, common pitfalls encountered when testing energized electrical substations, plants, and transmission towers, and the impact of the testing engineer’s expertise (or lack thereof) with ground test results. The presentation will also include actual site testing examples obtained using a Smart Ground® Multimeter (SGM).

hilton_mills-webHilton Mills specializes in grounding system design and analysis, as well as protective control system design, analysis, modification, and troubleshooting for various substation and automated control systems used by electrical utilities, commercial enterprises, and industrial plants. For more than 25 years, he has provided conceptual design services, peer review, design consulting, submittal and control drawing review, acceptance testing, and commissioning. He offers training on protective relay application, and grounding systems design and testing using the SGM and Integrated Grounding System (IGS) design software. HP&D is the exclusive worldwide distributor of the SGM.

To attend the 8th Annual Grounding and Lightning Conference, click here to register. For more information about P&D’s grounding system design and analysis services, or to learn how to acquire your own Smart Ground Multimeter, please contact us.