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Distribution System Design & Field Services

Patterson & Dewar’s distribution and field services staff comprises experienced engineers and staking technicians who help utilities build and maintain a reliable power delivery infrastructure. We assist clients with projects ranging from a simple single-span tap to a major highway relocation, to overhead and underground subdivision layouts with single-, double-, and triple-circuit construction and underground duct systems.

By blending current technologies with time-tested best practices, we deliver high-quality distribution solutions to address the unique challenges faced by the evolving power delivery market.

Distribution System Services

  • Distribution line design
  • Underground system design
  • Distribution voltage conversion plans
  • Electrical utility mapping/GIS
  • Joint-use applications and NESC certifications
  • Pre-construction conferences facilitation
  • Construction contract and work order closeout
  • Construction management
  • FEMA reviews

Field Services

  • Line staking
  • Pole and sag assessments
  • Work order reviews and staking sheet validation
  • Post-storm reviews and restoration assistance
  • Right-of-way clearance and easement acquisition
  • Quality control and crew monitoring
  • Field inventory with GPS location (poles, meters, and other distribution system devices)
  • Guy guard installation
  • Meters replacement with AMR
  • Pad-mount equipment level, tampering, drainage, and clearance assessments
  • Troubleshooting radio interference caused by electric lines

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